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Phone Organisers

"Where's my?!" Phone, Keys, Wallet, Watch and Glasses organiser

These laser cut phone charging stations also boast easy organisation for your keys, watch, glasses and a handy ledge at the back for a wallet or purse.
Great for Valentine's, Birthdays, Mother's & Father's day gifts or even  just a non subtle hint to someone to stop leaving their stuff lying around the place!

The front shelf has a recessed centre point to allow easy access charging and is wide and deep enough to accommodate mobile devices and tablets up to 9 inches.

Provided in 2 pieces, simply slot tother and you're good to go.

Dimensions : - Height 25 cm , Depth 18 cm, Width 20 cm

  1. Charging station for phone and tablet
  2. Tablet charging station.
  3. Phone watch keys glasses wallet tablet holder docking charging station
  4. Phone holder space saver in two pieces